Charter & Terms

The Charter

Carte and Carte + members are hereinafter referred to as “members”. 

Membership requirements 

Membership to Club Silencio (Carte and Carte +) is reserved primarily for people who can demonstrate an established experience in artistic and international creative circles (Cinema, Music, Vsual Arts, Architecture, Design, Literature, etc.). Each application is subject to the validation by Management who shall make their decision as soon as possible. If an express decision is not provided within one month the application shall be deemed rejected.

Payment of the subscription

Payment of the annual subscription may be made after acceptance of the membership application:
- on the Silencio website
- directly at Club Silencio by check, credit card or cash
- by automatic monthly debits. In this case, the bank details and a debit authorization must be submitted on site at Club Silencio (by mail to SILENCIO - 142 rue Montmartre, 75002 PARIS - FRANCE or by e-mail to ONLY FRENCH BANK ACCOUNT ARE CONCERNED BY AUTOMATIC MONTHLY DEBITS.

Rates in effect at the date of membership. These rates are subject to change upon renewal of the subscription.
Failure to pay within one month after acceptance of membership by Management or upon renewal shall result in the subscription being automatically terminated by Club Silencio. However, when the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, it shall be extended until the next business day.

Members have a period of seven days to assert their right of withdrawal, without having to provide any reasons, from the acceptance of membership by Silencio. However, when the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, it shall be extended until the next business day.

This withdrawal entitles the member to full reimbursement of the sums paid. Members undertake to return their membership card to Club Silencio.

Access to Club Silencio 

Access to Club Silencio from 6:00 p.m. to midnight is only possible upon presentation of a valid membership card. Club Silencio, however, reserves the right to host its own guests. Membership card owners can access to the Silencio within its capacity. After midnight, Silencio is also open to public.

Members shall undertake to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect towards the staff and other members.

Furthermore, members agree to respect the places as well as all rules of public order.

Members’ guests are subject to the same obligations and undertake in particular to comply with the conditions of Club Silencio.

Club Silencio reserves the right to refuse admission to members’ guests when their reputation and/or behaviour are notoriously incompatible with the spirit of place.

Members benefit a concierge service. For more information about these services, members can contact the club.

Regarding access to the theatre, any cancellation of a reservation must be made at least 2 hours in advance to allow another member to benefit from the seat. If a member forgets to do so three times, he/she may be denied access to reservations for one month.

Concerning property left in the cloakroom, the management shall not be held liable for the personal property of its members.

Duration and Termination

Membership to Club Silencio is purchased for an initial period of one year from the payment of the subscription. Members shall be notified one month before the end of their subscription of the renewal terms and the possibility of not renewing membership. Unless terminated by registered letter addressed to Club Silencio 15 days before the due date, membership will automatically be renewed.

Members may terminate their subscription upon expiration, without providing a legitimate reason. Beyond the initial one-year period, members may terminate their subscription at any time, subject to one month's advance notice.

Club Silencio may - at any time (initial period and beyond) - terminate the subscription in the event of a legitimate reason or upon non compliance with the provisions of this Charter.

Beyond the initial period, Club Silencio may also terminate the subscription subject to two months' advance notice.
In all cases of termination Club Silencio shall reimburse the member in proportion to the time remaining until the end of their subscription.

Additional information

Members undertake to provide accurate information. Club Silencio may not be held responsible for the consequences of any incorrect information supplied by members. Members undertake to provide Club Silencio, as soon as possible, any change in their personal data.

The information provided is reserved solely for the use of Club Silencio for subscriptions management only.

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 called “Data Protection”, each member has the right to access and correct their personal information (Declaration of Conformity No. 1528107v0).

In the event a member loses his/her card, he/she must notify Club Silencio in order to obtain a duplicate. The first one is free, after which each duplicate shall be charged at 10 Euros. In case of repeated losses of the membership card, Club Silencio reserves the right to cancel membership. The amount of the subscription - for the remaining period until expiration - shall be reimbursed.

It is also forbidden to take photographs or video inside Club Silencio without prior written authorisation from management.
In the event of invalidity of any of these subscription terms, the remaining provisions shall remain applicable.

Contractual relations between Club Silencio and members are governed by French law. In the event of any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of the subscription terms, the French courts will have jurisdiction.

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| Déclaration de conformité CNIL : N° 1528107v0 (Date de déclaration: 25/08/2011)